Here is the list of Spells that can be found in Cardinal Quest.

A higher Spirit stat causes most spells to recharge faster.

Many spells have a fixed duration. If your Speed stat is higher, you will have more turns in the same period of time, so spells will appear to last for longer.

NOTE: Spell do not overlay or dispell previous one, neither mitigate the effects.

  • Berserk, +3 Attack, +3 Speed, 7 Turns
  • Bless Weapon, +3 Attack, 6 Turns (or 7 Turns not sure!)
  • Blink, Transport to a random location
  • Charm Monster, Charm a monster to fight for you for few turns
  • Enfeeble Monster, -3 Attack, 4 turns
  • Fear, Scare a monster into running away
  • Fireball, Damage a monster (Wizards do bonus damage with this spell)
  • Freeze, -3 Speed
  • Haste, +5 Speed, 10 Turns
  • Heal, Full heal (recharged by gaining XP), -3 Defense for a few turns
  • Magic Armor, +3 Defense, ? Turns
  • Magic Mirror, Create a copy of yourself to fight for you
  • Polymorph, Transform a creature into another form
  • Reveal Map, Reveals the entire map
  • Shadow Walk, Invisible for ? turns (recharged by Speed stat)
  • Sleep, Stops a monster from moving or attacking for a few turns
  • Stone Skin, +6 Defense, -1 Speed
  • Teleport, Transport to specific location